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The Trust Machine and Real Estate – Bitcoin and Houses

There has been a huge surge in Bitcoin prices. On October 31, 2015, the Economist published a compelling article title “The Trust Machine”.  The article explains how bitcoin and the underlying blockchain technology has promise. A lack of trust in worldwide governments and regulation will add fire to the spread of blockchains (and thus bitcoin).

Here are some fascinating charts. First is an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) by the name of The Bitcoin Investment Trust. Look at the change in … Read more

January 2014 Newsletter


Following an incredible 2013, we are looking ahead to a prosperous 2014 for the residential real estate market. The Metro Atlanta area is experiencing renewed growth in both the residential and commercial sectors in addition to seeing improved average sales prices. In 2014, we will see buyers focus on lifestyle more than ever before – whether it’s golf, walkability or a active neighborhood community.
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Jewels Fit for a Pharaoh
Nestled in Sotheby’s New York
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Heery Brothers’ Year in Review – 2013 and the Outlook for 2014

2013 will be remembered by many in Atlanta’s residential real estate market as a tipping point. 2012 showed early signs of recovery, but going into 2013 we did not know whether this trend would continue. Closings where still anemic until the end of February and then, Kaboom!  Two thirds of our annual volume closed between March and the end of September. The result was 2013 sales increased by 20% to 30% over 2012. 2013 was the second best year in … Read more

Here’s More Evidence That Home Prices Have Hit Bottom

This is the headline from a great Wall Street Journal article today by Nick Timiraos. Click here to read.

When the trend bucks seasonality – that might be a sign of a strong recovery.

Some of the criticism of the recent residential recovery is that it is temporary and artificial because of low money cost and monetary policy. We think if this were completely true, we would not see it in more expensive markets. In our markets, where … Read more

Warren Buffett on Housing

We are big fans of Berkshire Hathaway and its founder Warren Buffett. As a matter of fact, we think Berkshire Hathaway is one of the most underpriced stocks out there – which at $119,000+ per share is saying something about its “intrinsic value.” Luckily for mortals, the class B share is about $80 per share. What does Mr. Buffett say about housing? Below is a quote from his Annual Letter to Shareholders. Here it is:

“Housing will come back Read more