Painted Brick

Atlanta has lots of painted brick houses. We actually grew up in a painted brick house. 44 Wakefield in Brookwood Hills used to be red brick. In the 1950’s I think, our father mixed blue paint, thinner and water. The house has had a very distinctive look ever since.  Painted brick is part of an American Revival architectural vernacular. It is a more conservative look compared to the eclectic architectural style prevalent in Atlanta’s new construction 10 years ago.

The below photos are of 1001 Dawn View (See  The brick was painted yesterday.

765 East Northway in North Buckhead (close to Windsor Parkway and Highpoint) will be listed next week. That too will have painted brick.  We think this is part of a softened and more discrete aesthetic that market has moved towards – even on very high end housing.  Today customer often wants a combination of a clear architectural genre (such as the American Revivalism shown on Dawn View), modern conveniences, clean lines and discretion.

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