Garden Hills Market Update

Updated for through Calendar Year 2020.

Garden Hills has strengthened its position as one of Buckhead’s most sought-after sub markets. Just 7 or 8 years ago, Garden Hills was known as a friendly place where you could find 4 bedroom houses under $700,000. While the neighborhood remains an affordable (and friendly) market relative to all of Buckhead, prices increased significantly in the last 7 years and have leveled off in 2020. This sought-after Buckhead neighborhood has diverse housing that sells quickly and sellers are able to typically garner close to their asking price.

The below chart shows how 2020 have more annual sales since 2016 (number of sales is blue line). The orange line is Average List Price of all Sales. The grey line shows the actual sales price. While the average sales price has dipped just under $1 million, a great deal of listings sell between $1,000,000 and $2,000,000.

Like most markets, Garden Hills needs more marketable houses. It now takes (on average) only 47 days of market before properties sell and properties typically achieve 95% or more of the Last Listing Price.

Below is a table of the last 5 years of single family sales in Garden Hills (Source FMLS).

2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
# of Sales 70 55 61 53 73
Avg List Price of Sales $842,023 $926,225 $1,049,670 $1,126,492 $968,979
Avg Sales Price $811,750 $894,085 $1,011,810 $1,076,820 $934,010
Sales Price/Last List Price 96.4% 96.5% 96.4% 95.6% 96.4%
Days on Market 63 80 55 62 46

Source: FMLS

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