Property Tax Appeals

Shock and …

I think it is safe to assume your property tax assessment increased. We wanted to write a blog targeted to our many clients in Fulton County. The “awe” part is we are just starting with a new normal of annual increases. Appeal often and let us know if you need help in other counties.


What’s the Bottom Line?

You likely received an assessment notice in May and the deadline for appeal is July 6th. The only thing more shocking than the increases in appraised values are the increases in projected property taxes. Let’s start with something crucial here. At the top, it says not to pay – you are not receiving a bill. Worth noting that if you appeal and are not successful with that appeal – taxes may not go up quite as much as projected. The projection is made from last year’s millage rates. Fulton County decreased millage rates several times recently to remain revenue neutral. The property taxes are the result of the assessed value applied to the current mileage rate. Mileage rates are yet to be determined.


What to do about it:

The Fulton Assessor does a pretty good job on the assessment notice of how to appeal your taxes. Everything you need to file an appeal can be found at this link:

There are many excellent tax appeal services. We often recommend the Campbell & Brannon’s tax appeal service. Several clients are happy with their professionalism and results. Here is the link to their website:


Happy to help, no guarantees:

We need to underscore that we cannot guarantee that your assessment will decrease (or that your property taxes might decrease). Even the professional tax services make this point. Heery Brothers and Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s cannot control the outcome. Nevertheless, we are happy to provide comparable sales that might help you make a good case. We would like to think Jacoby Elrod, a Tax Appeal Consultant at Campbell & Brannon for his important contributions.

Please contact Neal or George at 404 237 5000 or [email protected] if we can be of further assistance.

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