Affordable Housing

Garden Hills Market Update

Updated for through Calendar Year 2020.

Garden Hills has strengthened its position as one of Buckhead’s most sought-after sub markets. Just 7 or 8 years ago, Garden Hills was known as a friendly place where you could find 4 bedroom houses under $700,000. While the neighborhood remains an affordable (and friendly) market relative to all of Buckhead, prices increased significantly in the last 7 years and have leveled off in 2020. This sought-after Buckhead neighborhood has diverse housing that sells … Read more

Affordable New Construction

Heery Brothers will Begin marketing approximately another 10 to 15 new houses between January and July 2016. All of them are over $1,295,000 and several of them are in excess of $2 million. We think it is worthwhile to highlight some of our upcoming more affordable listings that are at fantastic locations just at the periphery of some very expensive markets.


3646 Mill Creek Rd. is in the Murphy Chandler market. This submarket in the new city of Brookhaven … Read more